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GANSEYBITCHES! Big Shot of the Week
January 24, 2008

Winner: Dre Smith, George Mason. Normally this title is awarded to a player who hits a key shot at the end of a close game to secure a victory, but in this case the award goes to a player who was so outstanding and so efficient, the Michael F. Gansey Award committee could not ignore his candidacy. Smith broke a NCAA record by going 10 for 10 from the three-point line in a big 96-75 win over James Madison.  We were also compelled to select Smith because Tee’s Weekly’s first hero, Dan Steinberg, linked to our website in a mention of Dre Smith’s exploits on his Washington Post DC Sports Blog. Someday shortly when Google buys us out we will have to cut a check to Steinberg.

Second Place: Bambale Osby, Maryland. Terp senior Osby is the first player this year to yell “GANSEYBITCHES!” while falling down. With the shot clock off in a tie ball game in the Dean Dome, Osby demanded the ball in the post. His defender, Danny Green, looked like Tee’s staffer Crazy Dee leaving Claddagh’s Pub at 2:01 a.m. and falling into Canton Square in Baltimore. The wobbly defender tripped Bambale as he jumped from behind the backboard. Osby tossed up the ball as he fell to the hardwood. The ball somehow found its way through the hoop. The Tar Heels had time to get off more shot, but Psycho Tee (no relation) missed and College Park erupted. Osby, a Richmond, Virginia, native, was overheard saying, “The Michael F. Gansey Award is supposed to go to the biggest shot. Well, I knocked off the undefeated number one team in the country in their house, I yelled “GANSEYBITCHES!” and I lose the award to a Mason kid who didn’t hit a single big shot? I’m sick and tired of Tee’s Weekly not giving Maryland any respect. I did not travel from high school in Richmond to the University of New Mexico to Paris Junior College, to the University of Maryland to have Maryland disrespected.” We’d like to apologize to Osby for this oversight; however, Michael Gansey’s shot chart in his college career did not include a single post-up layup.

Loser: Jonny Flynn, Syracuse. The fact that Flynn is now just one of eight scholarship players has allowed him to do things like take 23 shots as a freshman for the Orange against Georgetown on Monday night. Jonny scored 24 points and was four for 10 from behind the arc. He had a shot to win the game in overtime, but his 30-foot jumper rattled in and out. The shot that won the game was a jumper around the foul line by last week’s GANSEYBITCHES winner, 7’2” Roy Hibbert.  Make no mistake about it, though: Jonny can fill it up. This game was his seventh 20-point game of the season. However, as a guard under six feet he also had two assists in 45 minutes, which is almost harder to do than score 24 points.  

The Tee’s Weekly Michael F. Gansey Big Shot of the Week title is awarded each week to the biggest shot in college basketball. Michael F. Gansey is one of college basketball's all-time clutch shooters. A pure, lights-out shooter, he was recently selected as one of Tee's Weekly 50 greatest college basketball players of all time. He set the all-time record for three pointers in a game for West Virginia with eight trifectas against Marquette in 2006. He has more career three-pointers at West Virginia than even the great Jerry West. While at WVU Gansey made a habit of hitting three-pointers at critical spots in games and could often be heard taunting his opponents while the ball was in the air by screaming "GANSEYBITCHES!" So, next time you are on the playground and someone shoots a three in your face and yells "GANSEYBITCHES!" you'll know why.